Areva Group

The AREVA Group is a French state-owned conglomerate and the world leader in terms of nuclear power and technology. Areva has almost 48.000 employees worldwide (as at March 2012). In Germany, up to 1/4 of the workforce are facing job cuts due to the nuclear phase-out. Almost 2/3 of the revenue are generated in Europe, mainly in France. In 2010, the Areva Group consolidated a revenue of 9.1 billion Euro. In 2011,  the revenue was 8.9 billion Euro, which is a decrease of 1.2%. The net income in 2010 amounted to 883 Mio. Euro, whereas in 2011, in “the year of Fukushima”, the net income dropped to a deficit of -2.42 billion Euro. The loss in value of the African uranium mines plays an additional role in any financial losses. Quote Spiegel Online: “The African uranium mines are now worth five times less than at the purchase in 2007″ Mines: Areva owns an estimated total of 200.000 tons of uranium reserves: In Niger, Areva and the subsidiaries COMINAK and SOMAIR have been extracting uranium for over 40 years in the world’s biggest uranium mine. In Kazakhstan, the uranium mining began in 2006 in two mines by the subsidiary company KATCO. In Australia, Areva is extracting ore for further processing and gold. Uranium mines in Namibia and the Central African Republic are currently in the test phase and will go into full production in 2014. In Canada, the exploration of the Cigar Lake Mine was to start in 2013. The Castor shipments of nuclear material from the French reprocessing facility La Hague to the German temporary storage facility Gorleben is conducted by the Areva Group.

Investor Information as at publication of Dirty Profits 2, 2013. (As it is predominantly state-owned, the investments are very small -see detail in Dirty Profits 2)