Wal-Mart: Rifles for sale in retail and online shops

Walmart is the largest seller of guns and ammunition in the US offering different assault weapons including semiautomatic assault rifles like Bushmaster AR-15 and the German Sig Sauer M400. Walmart has been criticised by gun-control groups who say it makes weapons too easily accessible. In 2012 Walmart removed a website listing for a semiautomatic assault rifle1. However the German Sig Sauer M400 assault rifle is still available at Walmart’s online shop2.

In the US, the “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” calls for an end of Wal-Mart selling guns to children, quoting that 20 children and teens were hospitalized every day for gun injuries3. Walmart points out it is part of the Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership that goes beyond what the law requires4.

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