Samsung Group: Violation of Labour Rights

In December 2013, China Labour Watch (CLW) exposed primary ethical and legal violations at Samkwang Science & Technology Co., a Samsung supplier. They were found to discriminate in their hiring process, make employees work at an intense rate for 10 to 11 hours a day, and do 86 to 148 hours of overtime per month.1 In 2012 Samsung Electronics admitted that labour conditions were a concern and promised to reduce employee overtime and have suppliers eliminate child labour2 by 2014.3

Also Dongguan Shinyang Electronics is accused of breaches of their workers’ rights regarding safety measures, unions, excessive overtime, and work contracts. Samsung reacted to these allegations and temporarily suspended business relations with the Dongguan Shinyang Electronics company4 as well as implementing their own inquiries and promising to carry out joint audits with CLW.5

In May 2014, the Philippine NXP Semiconductors Cabuyao (NXPSCI), a Samsung supplier, illegally dismissed 24 union members. The workers union believe that the main issue behind the layoffs was due to workers requesting better wages and NXP attempting to dismiss their collective bargaining power.6 On June 16th 2014 the workers dissatisfaction led to a protest outside the Labour Department’s main office in Manila by a number of groups including the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), Anakbayan, Courage, Migrante, Kadamay and others.7

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