Samsung Group: Child Labour

In 2012, China Labor Watch unearthed child labour at Samsung’s Chinese suppliers HEG Electronics1 and HTNS Shenzhen Co., both in Huizhou.2 They found violations in six other Samsung factories. On this basis, three French non-governmental organisations, Peuples Solidaires, Sherpa and Indecosa-CGT, filed a lawsuit against Samsung for false advertisement in France.3 In July 2013, the court opened preliminary proceedings on the case.4

Despite Samsung’s zero tolerance policy regarding child labour5, CLW found children under 16 working in two supplier factories in June and August 2014: Dongguan Shinyang Electronics6 and again HEG Electronics7. Samsung reacted to these allegations and temporarily suspended business relations with the Dongguan Shinyang Electronics company8 as well as implementing their own inquiries and promising to carry out joint audits with CLW.9 

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