Rio Tinto: Displacement Compensation Conflicts, Madagascar

In Madagascar, locals expelled from their land by Rio Tinto/QMM’s mining project in Taolagnaro have been lobbying for fair compensation since 2010. In March 2013, fifteen Fagnomba organization members were arrested and imprisoned for speaking out against the mining activities.[1] Fort-Dauphin residents expelled from their land protested the concessions the company received for its land acquisitions along with the company’s employment policy at its mineral sands operation.[2]

[1] Ejolt (2013): Rio Tinto in Madagascar. 15 activists arrested, 19 March (accessed 04.09.2013).

[2] The Telegraph (2013): Rio Tinto threatens to exit Madagascar after CEO is trapped by protesters, 11 January (accessed 04.09.2013).

Case location
Taolagnaro, Madagascar

Affected topics
  • Human and Labour Rights
Directly and indirectly (through shareholding) involved companies Indirect investors through shareholding

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