Alliant Techsystems: Production of Cluster Munitions

ATK produces the rocket engine for the “Sensor Fuzed Weapon” (SFW) and is a contractor for the CBU-87B and CBU-97/B cluster bomb programme. All of these are  prohibited by the Convention on Cluster Munitions.[1] ATK also produces the 120 mm M971  under the cate gory of weapons prohibited under the Convention on Cluster Munitions.[2] To  make the current DPICM ammunition, (cluster munitions), ATK has teamed up with IMI from Israel to produce the XM242 fuses to replace the old M223 fuses in the existing M42/M46 renades.[3]

[1] IHS Jane’s Weapons Air Launched 2012-2013, p. 303 and 361.

[2] 120 mm M970 and M971 DPICM cargo bombs’, Jane’s Ammunition
Handbook Online Edition.


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