Hanwha Corp.: Production of Cluster Munitions by Hanwha Corp.

Hanwha Corp. is involved in the production of cluster munitions which are prohibited under the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Due to the company’s involvement in the production of cluster munitions, the Ethical Council of the Norwegian Pension Fund has excluded Hanwha from their investment universe.[1] In 2007, Hanwha confirmed to Norway’s Government Pension Fund that they manufacture 2.75 in Multipurpose Submunitions (MPSMs) as well as the 130mm Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).[2] They also lead the new South Korean MLRS programme and produces fuses for various cluster munitions.[3] The company website lists the M577A1 mechanical fuse and the M732 electronic proximity fuse, both of which are used in cluster munitions. Additionally, Hanwha has offered Claymore anti-personnel mines at arms fairs.

In 2008, Hanwha reportedly exported 2.75 in Multipurpose Submunition (MPSM) rockets with cluster munition warheads to Pakistan.[4]

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