Environmental damages and forced resettlement through the Prodeco Group/Colombia

The Company Prodeco/Glencore extracts coal from Colombian mines located in Cesar (La Jagua and La Loma). Local communities have been expelled from their land.

The company did not show any interest in the consultation with indigenous people. Instead of trying to come to an agreement with them, they were forced to resettle. Local farmers lost their land which was their livelihood. Unionists who are trying to fight for their rights suffer oppression. The International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers´ Union claims that Prodeco refuses to bargain on improvements for the workers. (Oct 2011) Numerous woods became victim of the open-cast mining, the territory lost its biodiversity. Rivers had to be redirected, for the Cerrejón-daylight mine the Rancheria River has to be diverted. Besides the destruction of the environment, the deviation of rivers is furthermore problematic as water is a short commodity in the territory.  

A 2014 report by Pax Netherlands accused Prodeco of complicity in murder and forced evictions by paramilitary troops and the weakening of trade unions in the decade of 1996 to 20061.

Furthermore, Prodeco is accused of tax avoidance2.


See also this link on coal imports from Colombia (“Steinkohleimporte aus Kolumbien”)

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