Lockheed Martin: Production of Autonomous Weapons

Lockheed Martin offers multiple unmanned weapons systems for air, land and sea, including a recently revealed ultra high speed UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) project, drone SR-72. According to Lockheed Martin this would be both a spy and a strike aircraft, but will not be ready to fly until 20301.

Lockheed Martin has developed a fully autonomous surveillance and target-acquisition system combining a ground robotic vehicle and an unmanned helicopter (the SMSS acting as the ground segment and the K-MAX unmanned air vehicle)2.

The company is also a producer of autonomous weapons which are under strong criticism to be indiscriminate and violate International Humanitarian Law. Armed with a proven penetrator and blast-fragmentation warhead, LRASM (Long Range Anti-Ship Missile) cruises autonomously, day or night, in all weather conditions3.

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