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Gazprom: Bribery, corruption and anti-competitive practices

In his recent book about Gazprom, Jürgen Roth describes Gazprom´s relationship with key players in the Russian government and with current and former international representatives which has led to accusations of bribery and corruption. Furthermore, Gazprom is accused of using anti-competitive practices in their business operations1.

Since 2012 EU regulators have investigated Gazprom related to “suspected anti-competitive behaviour, including over-charging customers and blocking rival suppliers”2. The case has been suspended because of the crisis in Ukraine, but is not yet closed3.

The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s office is also investigating a case of fraud, falsification of documents, money laundering and bribery in connection with one former and one current Gazprom manager4.

Furthermore, Lithuania’s competition authority has fined Gazprom $48 million (€37.5 million) for preventing competition in the country5.




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