Elbit Systems: Production of fully autonomous weapons (Killer Robots)

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Elbit Systems Ltd. provide all-terrain field-proven autonomous unmanned ground systems (UGV), for example the “Guardium”1 used for patrolling Israel’s border with Gaza2. It can carry lethal or nonlethal payloads. “Guardium” was designed to perform routine missions, such as programmed patrols along border routes, but also to autonomously react to unscheduled events, and can have autonomous mission execution3.

Elbit also offers SOLTAM SPEAR, a 120mm autonomous soft recoil mortar system for light-wheeled platforms4. The international NGO Campaign to Stop Killer Robots finds that fully autonomous weapons would not only be unable to meet legal standards but would also undermine essential non-legal safeguards for civilians and therefore call for a ban of fully autonomous weapons.

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