ENI/Agip: Contamination of the Niger river delta

The fact that gas flaring has been illegal in Nigeria since 2005 [1] compiled with promises to shareholders to discontinue gas flaring has not deterred ENI’s Nigerian subsidiary Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) from still running gas flaring sites, oilfields, and pipelines.[2]

Communities such as the Kalaba [3], the Gbaraun [4], and the Sabatoru [5] in Bayelsa State suffer from oil spills, leaking and burning pipelines, and constant burning of natural gas emissions, similar problems to those caused by Royal Dutch Shell.

According to ERA, spills were linked to the company negligence and poorly maintained facilities. Agip does not provide information on incidents, compensation or clean ups.


[5] http://www.eraction.org/component/content/article/418