Chevron: Ranked World’s Highest Emitter of CO2 and Methane

Chevron´s business activities have an undisputed impact on climate change. The World Meteorological Organization acknowledges man-made climate change and notes that greenhouse gas concentrations reached record highs in 20131. Chevron claims to be addressing climate change and recognizes that fossil fuels are “a contributor to an increase in greenhouse gases (GHGs) – mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) – in the Earth’s atmosphere”2. However, Chevron’s “Policy Principles for addressing Climate Change” affirm the importance of fossil fuels for the energy supply and demands the recognition of the role of “these critical energy sources” by climate policy3. Chevron has been ranked number one of the top twenty investor- and state-owned entities responsible for the highest cumulative and worldwide emissions of industrial carbon and methane between 1854 and 2010, emitting more than 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases over the period4.


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Affected topics
  • Environmental and Climate protection
Affected norms and standards Directly and indirectly (through shareholding) involved companies

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