Chevron: Oil Exploitation in Kazakhstan

Chevron has operated in Tengiz, Kazakhstan, since 1993. According to a study by Crude Accountability, a US environmental and human rights organization working with local communities in the Caspian Sea and Black Sea basins, Chevron´s activities have led to increases in cancer rates, morbidity, and decreased life expectancy in the surrounding communities. Worker deaths, reportedly attributable to hydrogen sulfide poisoning, are frequent occurrences, making worker safety a top concern for activists. Labor rights violations such as the dissolution of independent trade unions, prolonged work hours, and pay discrimination, abound. Chevron´s activities have also led to groundwater contamination and increases in seismic activity.

Crude Accountability (2013): Republic of Chevron. 20 Years in Kazakhstan

Case location
Lake Tengiz, Kazakhstan

Affected topics
  • Human and Labour Rights
  • Environmental and Climate protection
Affected norms and standards Directly and indirectly (through shareholding) involved companies

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