Bolloré: Land Grabbing and Human Rights Violations in Indonesia

In Indonesia, Socfin has land concessions of around 48,000 ha. A 2011 report commissioned by the German NGO, Brot für die Welt found labor rights violations (e.g., a lack of personal protective equipment, union suppression, and frequent peasant conflicts) at several Indonesian Socfin oil palm plantations.[1]


[1] Saurlin P Siagian, Amin Siahaan Buyung and Nur Khairani (2011): The Loss of Reason. Human Rights Violations in the Oil-Palm Plantations in Indonesia, pp. 27-9, accessed 02.09.2013

Saurlin Siagian and Lentera Rakyat (2012): From Bad to Worst. Palm Oil Expansion Impacts, Indonesia Case, Presentation, accessed 02.09.2013

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