Barrick Gold: Pierina Mine Project, Peru

Barrick Gold’s Pierina mine project is an open-pit gold mine located in the Andean Ancash region of north-central Peru.[1] 
In connection to the Pierina mine project, Barrick Gold has been accused of circumventing over $140 million in taxes; paying low wages; running rotational and part-time work schemes, (presumably to minimise paying out benefits to full-time employees); damaging the environment; and employing anti-union practices such as firing workers for joining unions. [2]
Repeated clashes between protesters and authorities have been reported at the mine. In September, 2012, demonstrators, demanding the company provide nearby towns with water, clashed with police causing one death and at least four injuries.[3]
[1] Barrick Gold Corporation (2013): Pierina, accessed 18.12.2013
[2] MICLA (2013): Pierina, Peru, accessed 18.12.2013
[3] BBC News (2012): Deadly clash at Peru protest over Barrick gold mine, 20 September, accessed 10.09.2013
Case location
Huaraz, Peru
unknown country code ""

Affected topics
  • Environmental and Climate protection
  • Human and Labour Rights
Directly and indirectly (through shareholding) involved companies Indirect investors through shareholding

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