BAE Systems: Sales to Countries With Ongoing Human Rights Violations

BAE Systems has bolstered sales to Asia and the Middle East. The Company recently closed a £2.5 billion (approx. €3 billion) deal to supply Eurofighter Typhoon and Hawk combat jets to Oman.[1] BAE Systems is also engaged in negotiations to supply Eurofighter Typhoon jets to Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.[2][3]

The company’s key market, however, is in Saudi Arabia. British Aerospace’s (later BAE Systems) mid-80s Al Yamamah deal was a record-breaking arms deal for the U.K.[4] Later, the Salam Deal supplied 72 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft to the Royal Saudi Air Force.[5] BAE also has contracts with the Saudi Arabian National Guard supplying military products like the Tactica armored vehicles that were used during Saudi Arabia’s March 2011 invasion of Bahrain. BAE maintains that its relations with Saudi Arabia are beneficial, that the Saudi Arabian society is becoming more open, and that conditions are improving. Despite these claims, Saudi Arabia is ranked 163rd out of 167 countries in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s “Democracy Index 2012” report.[6]

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