EADS: Arms Deals and Corruption

EADS has been accused of military and non-military corruption in South Africa, Singapore, France and Finland.[1]

In October 2012, the Munich public prosecution office investigated EADS employees on suspicion of bribery. Preciding this was the sale of Eurofighter aircraft to Austria with a business value of about € 2 billion. Raids followed in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.[2]


[1] http://stopwapenhandel.org/sites/stopwapenhandel.org/files/EADS2011_0.pdf

 [2] http://www.ftd.de/unternehmen/industrie/:ermittlungen-in-deutschland-und-oesterreich-razzien-bei-eads/70114915.html

Affected topics
  • Corruption
Directly and indirectly (through shareholding) involved companies Indirect investors through shareholding

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