Bundestag Round Table

Round Table "Investment in Streumunition", Deutscher Bundestag, 22.9.2011 Round Table "Investment in Streumunition", Deutscher Bundestag, 22.9.2011 | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Facing Finance

On September 22, FACING FINANCE organised a round table titled „Ban investments in cluster munition and anti-personnel mines“ in the German Bundestag in cooperation with Uta Zapf, Director of the subcommittee on disarmament, arms control and non-dissemination. At a first information meeting at the Bundestag, the so called „Parliamentarian ‘ Breakfast“ in May 2011, delegates had called for more dialogue with German financial institutions and reports of other countries which had already adopted measures to prohibit the production of cluster munition.   ... →

Lebanon Diary

5 years after the deployment of cluster munition in Lebanon – field work

On the occasion of the second Meeting of the State Parties (2MSP) of the Convention on Cluster Munitions inBeirut(12.-16. September 2011), the organization FACING FINANCE travels toLebanonaccompanied by a camera crew of the German public channel ZDF. Its objective is to record the humanitarian deployment of cluster munitions inLebanonand call for a prohibition of investments in producers and production of such weapons at the intergovernmental meeting.   ... →

Grüne want to ban investment in antipersonnel mines and cluster munitions

Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen seek expand the law about the control of war weapons. Their demand is to change the law so that along with the deployment, storage, production, development and trade of antipersonnel mines and cluster munitions, also investment in these weapons are banned. The parliamentary group introduced a corresponding motion (17/4697).   ... →