Diary of Destruction: FOEE Exposes Illegal Palm Oil Activities in Indonesia

Friends of the Earth Europe (FOEE) recently announced the release of its factsheet, “Bumitama’s Diary of Destruction,” in a PRESS RELEASE. The fact sheet outlines the destructive and illegal practices currently being carried out in Indonesia by the palm oil producer, Bumitama Agri Ltd. The fact sheet includes a timeline, or diary, of violations, outlining, for example, Bumitama’s continued deforestation and palm oil production activities on land designated as High Conservation Value (HCV) and threatening the region’s protected species, like the endangered orangutan.   ... →

BP Refinery Spills Oil in Lake Michigan

Weeks after being permitted to resume bidding on US federal drilling licenses, BP has reported a spill at its Whiting refinery in Indiana into Lake Michigan, which supplies water to tens of millions of surrounding residents. The British oil giant reported the spill on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, saying that the discharge was contained and was confined to a cove bordering the refinery.   ... →

Dutch Banks Drop American Investor for Permitting Future Investment in Cluster Munitions

Two Dutch banks, Rabobank and ABN Amro, have decided to discontinue offering funds through the US-based Franklin Templeton Investments after discovering that the asset manager lacks policies to prohibit investment in cluster munitions. Investment in cluster munitions is illegal under Dutch law. While Franklin Templeton claims they are not currently in violation of such regulations, they admitted to lacking policies barring investments in cluster munitions, possibly jeopardizing their future compliance.   ... →

Workers Fall Ill from Years of Radiation Exposure at Rössing

In the Rössing uranium mine – a subsidiary of the British-Australian mining group, Rio Tinto – workers continue to suffer from the alleged effects of decades of exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation, a claim that the company vehemently rejects. Victoria Schneider, as part of an Africa-wide research expedition support in part by Facing Finance, meets with a former Rössing employee, now suffering from multiple debilitating illnesses, willing to share his experience.   ... →

Public Eye Award Winners 2014

The Public Eye Awards is an online campaign hosted by the Berne Declaration and Greenpeace. Every year, the two companies with the poorest human rights and environmental records receive an “Award of Shame” on the day of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting. The 2014 winners were announced at a press conference on the 23rd of January.   ... →

One million landmines still buried in Turkey

Turkey has destroyed over 3 million stockpiled landmines and spent over $2 million on landmine clearance since 2004. However,  Muteber Ogreten, head of ‘A Turkey Without Landmines,’ recently reported to the Times of India that Turkey this only constitutes around 1% of the country’s landmine-affected areas. Ogreten claims that there are still over one million landmines, (mostly in southeastern Turkey), that require clearance, affecting over 3,500 areas.   ... →