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Stop Killer Robots’ documentary Immoral Code premieres

Artist features for Immoral Code

Various artist features for documentary Immoral code | Bild: n.v. -

On May 19th 2022 the documentary Immoral Code premiered, which contemplates the impact of killer robots in an increasingly automated world – one where machines make decisions over who to kill or what to destroy. The film examines whether there are situations where it’s morally and socially acceptable to take life, and importantly – would a computer know the difference?

The growing influence of computer processing and automation means that decision-making is often a digital process – devoid of the context that comes from human insight. But as humans, we approach everyday decision-making through the lens of our own individual moral codes, each shaped by our culture, our upbringing, beliefs, and ethics. These ‘moral codes’ help us make the ‘right’ decisions in complex situations. But, ask yourself, what would your moral code tell you if that decision meant the difference between life and death?

What if it were a soldier? A child soldier? A child? It’s certainly not going to be a simple binary decision – a yes or no – life just isn’t that simple. And yet, somehow, we expect the programming of machines to understand and interpret these complexities, to make binary decisions over whether people live, or die.

To demonstrate this point, the film poses a series of increasingly complex moral questions to our participants – a group of everyday people selected for their diversity and varied life experiences – and asks them to make those binary decisions – yes, or no. Life or death.

Amongst this, Immoral Code includes interviews with a panel of experts who offer their insight and understanding on the complex and often nuanced subject of automated weapons – Killer Robots.

These include:

  • Dr Thompson Chengeta, Legal expert on Drone Violence, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and International Law
  • Rasha Abdul Rahim, Director Amnesty Tech (Amnesty International)
  • Laura Nolan, Senior Software Engineer, and member of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control
  • Admiral Lord West of Spithead, Former Head of the British Royal Navy
  • Mutale Nkonde, Founder +CEO of AI for the People
  • Gus Hosein, Executive Director of Privacy International

With the premiere of Immoral Code and our campaign STOP KILLER ROBOTS, Facing Finance is calling on states to launch negotiations on new international law that ensures meaningful human control over the use of force. Sign the petition on

Here you can access the website of the documentary.

Since May 24th it is available on YouTube, click here to stream the full documentary.