What happens with my money? Facing Finance at the Green World Tour

On October 9 and 10, 2021, Facing Finance was represented at the Green World Tour, a trade fair that revolves around sustainable products, services, technologies, and concepts.

The focus of our exhibition was the Fair Finance Guide Germany, a long-standing and important project of Facing Finance. The Fair Finance Guide is a tool to evaluate financial institutions considering sustainability criteria. The assessment builds pressure on financial service providers to tighten their policies and rethink business practices. In addition, customers can find out how fair and sustainable their bank is. The Fair Finance Guide is a unique project – there is no more comprehensive and at the same time independent assessment tool for sustainability criteria in Germany. The project is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Foundation Environment and Development North Rhine-Westphalia.

Overall, the interest in the topic of sustainable finance is strong. This is true for people who have already dealt with the topic as well as for those who are completely new to it. Sustainability plays a role not only in the everyday consumption of food, clothing, etc. but also in the more abstract area of finance. The visit to the fair has confirmed our approach and motivated us to continue the work on the Fair Finance Guide.

For more information on the Fair Finance Guide, visit the website find out more about the assessments and methodology in detail. Currently, we are in the process of completing the first assessment phase, with the annual update coming in February 2022 including two new financial institutions. Stay tuned!