Vote out killer robots! – Political action

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, the German section of the STOP KILLER ROBOTS campaign is calling on parties represented in the German Parliament to campaign for a binding ban on autonomous weapons under international law. The action is aimed at the upcoming legislative period and promotes a ban on autonomous weapons that can detect and destroy (human) targets without human control.

In the current legislative period, 80 % of the members of the German Parliament have voted against such a ban and also in the framework of the UN no binding ban regulation has been achieved, which has so far also been opposed by the German Foreign Office.

Course of the actions

Photo opportunities and actions with robot pantomimes will be carried out in front of the respective party headquarters. Party representatives will be asked to publicly vote out killer robots and to commit to an internationally binding ban on autonomous weapons systems by placing a checkmark on an “election poster” designed by the campaign.

11:30 CDU party headquarters, Klingelhöferstraße 8, 10785 Berlin;

12:30 SPD, Willy Brandt Haus, Wilhelmstrasse 141 10963 Berlin, with Kevin Kühnert;

13:30 FDP party headquarters, Reinhardtstrasse 14, 10117 Berlin;

14:00 Die Linke, Kleine Alexanderstraße 28, 10178 Berlin with Jörg Schindler (tbc);

MdB Katja Keul (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen) will be interviewed online in advance for scheduling reasons.


Representatives of the German section of the STOP KILLER ROBOTS campaign will be available for interviews during the actions:

Thomas Küchenmeister
Facing Finance e.V.
Spokesman of the STOP KILLER ROBOTS campaign in Germany
@FacingFinance, @KillerRobotSt
+49 (0)175 4964082


Marius Pletsch
DFG-VK Campaigner for the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots
+49 175 3503405


Dr. Barbara Happe
Immanuelkirchstr. 24
10405 Berlin
+49 172 68 144 74