Federal Government increases number of licenses for arms exports

According to an interim report by the Federal Government regarding German arms exports, almost as many licenses for arms exports were granted in the first half of 2015 as in the whole of 201412 . The permits mid-2015 already amounted to 3.5 billion euros, while the half-year figure in 2014 only amounted to 2.2 billion euros32 .
Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced at the beginning of his tenure in 2014 that the arms exports should be examined and reduced2 . In fact, in 2014, exports fell by 22% and reached their lowest level since 20103. That the number of exports ​​ increased again so dramatically, is therefore surprising. The federal government, however, does not seem to acknowledge this drastic increase. A quarter of this value is due to the export of a submarine to Israel, which was already approved in 200332 . Furthermore, there were €1.8 billion of exports authorised for allies (NATO or EU, especially the United Kingdom)3.

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