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Update: environmental catastrophe Brazil

After the disastrous spill in Brazil, 13 deaths have been confirmed, with more still missing1.  BHP Billiton and Vale are now likely to have to pay 4.9 billion euros which will be used for decontamination of the river Rio Doces and compensation to affected people. The operators of the mine continue to dispute that toxic substances were released when the dam broke2. Last week the toxic sludge travelled 660km finally reaching the Atlantic Ocean. The biologist André Ruschi has confirmed that it will likely take at least 100 years, until the damage caused by the toxins slowly disappear. In addition, it is likely that the dangerous substances will also enter the food chain of humans. And with the river being the livelihood for so many people, the supply of water and agricultural produce is now significantly damaged1.

A recent video showing the extent of the damage is available here.

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