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Contract workers at Rössing mine protest working conditions

Contract workers at the Rössing uranium mine owned by Rio Tinto submitted a petition on 7 October 2015 to the General Manager in Namibia. This included issues in relation to the violation of their labor rights and unacceptable working conditions. The temporary workers felt “exploited as cheap labor.” They earn seven times less than an employee who does the same work. In addition, they would be forced to work longer hours and risk their jobs if they protest. Temporary workers get no medical care, no social security and no housing allowance. In addition, there are no employment contracts, working conditions are subject to change without notice or lay off workers without reasons. To join a trade union, is also risky.

The contract workers demanded in their petition fair working conditions. They require the same treatment as permanent workers, written employment contracts, medical care, fair wages and a platform through which they can express concerns without their jobs being at risk1.

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