Worldbank under acute criticism

Because of human rights violations a resettlement program named Villagization within the scope of a healthy­ and education project in North­ Ethiopia came under criticism. About 1,5 milion people, including indigenous Anuak have to move from fertile areas for large scale farming. Better lives were promised in newly constructed villages. Human Rights Watch reports on recent repression by security, arbritary arrests, even rapes and dead people. Furthermore there is no guarantee that the people really find the promised habitable accomodations.1

The World Bank supports the project with approximately $ 2 bil. Indeed the bank’s internal watchdog „Inspection Panel“ charges that the bank is jointly responsible for these human rights violations in a previously undisclosed report because Villagization is (partly) financed in part by money from the bank – the worlds biggest development organization.2The report mentioned other project partners, for example the german KfW­ bank.

So far there are no statements. (­world­bank­inspection­panel-
report.html, (abgerufen am 12.02.2015) ))

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