Garment industry: Poverty wages in Italy

The Clean Clothes Campaign is committed to improving working conditions in the global garment industry. Their new campaign study “Can you earn a living wage in fashion in Italy?” was released now. Background: with their additional purchases from manufacturers in Italy, international garment producers like Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton or Dior are confronted with the worldwide price competition.The consequence are prevalent low wages and bad working conditions also in Italy. According to the Italian statistic institute “ISTAT”, a family in Italy needs 1600,00€ a month for securing their livelihood. The study of the Clean Clothes Campaign, however, refers to a wage about 730,00€ and 1200,00€ in the Italian garment industry. Overtime and daytaler is no rareness.1
On the one hand, shift in production levels by the garment industry to Italy should be seen as a positive signal for the Italian labour market, but poverty wages, lack of trade unions, working uncertainty and bad legal employment protection are devastating social impacts, as common in Bangladesh or Moldova. (aufgerufen 03.02.2015) )) The study demands that the EU instituitons change their strategy for interventions about wages in line with the Lisbon contract and the UN guidelines for Business and Human Rights.2

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