Adani Group: Carmichael project in Queensland, Australia

The Indian company Adani is in the process of expanding the coal mine Carmichael in Queensland. Besides the mine, a railway and the expansion of port Abbot point are in planning. The project is worth about $ 16 billion and will create 10000 jobs. The 200m² mine will produce 60 million tons of coal every year, out of which two thirds will be exported to India.1 Billion liters of groundwater are being used and about 200 million tons of greenhouse gas emitted.2 In order to export the coal, a railway leading to Abbot Point port near the Great Barrier Reef is necessary. Its export capacity will be extended by 70% – therefore 3 million m³ of seabed sediment will be dumped in the direct proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. Abbot Point will become the world’s largest coal port. The expansion plans raise a lot of concerns though, especially regarding their impact on the environment. Local communities protest and organise campaigns against the project, which they co- finance with taxes. Several banks responded to the criticism of the port plans and decided not to support the expansion, including Deutsche Bank.3 The Australian Government tried to remove concerns and approved the port plans imposing strict conditions in 2012. (After the evaluation of impact assessment studies, the government also allowed the development of the mine under stricht regulations). Environmentalists warn against the significant CO²- emissions of 130 million tons per year that would be emitted2 – this corresponds to a quarter of the Australia’s total emissions. The New South Wales Environmental Defenders Office, on behalf of the Mackay Conservation Group (an environmental organisation from Queensland), lodged an objection in the Federal Court against Adani and the approval of Greg Hunt, the Federal Environment Minister. According to the environmental oganisation, it was wrong not to account for emissions produced during the coal burning process in power stations.4 If the court agrees, it could have effects on future assessments of mining projects.5

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