Protest at Deutsche Bank AGM

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Festhalle – Frankfurt am Main 22 May 2014

A variety of environmental and human rights organisations (NGOs), including Facing Finance, have made ​​their way into the banking metropolis of Frankfurt am Main to demonstrate at the Deutsche Bank AGM. 

At 8:30 in the morning, before the actual event, a number of NGOs speakers and protesters stood before the Frankfurt Festhalle with banners and flyers. Some of the NGOs and organisations in attendance were “aufschrei – stoppt den waffenhandel’, Pax Christi , Attak, ‘other banks need the land’, ‘Rettet den regenwald’. The topics being protested ranged from controversial palm oil, commodity financing over arms sales and the financing of the coal port of Abbot Point. The various organisations demanded Deutsche bank end not only investments in nuclear weapons and cluster bomb manufacturers, but also stop the financing of projects causing environmental destruction and human rights violations.In previous years demonstrations have included actions against investment in the Leopard 2 tanks.

Facing Finance , together with Urgewald, ethecon, Oxfam Germany, Robin Wood, Friends of the Earth Europe (FOEE), the Association of Critical Shareholders and Tony Brown, a tourism operator from the Great Barrier Reef awarded Deutsch bank CEOs (Fitschen und Jain) the ‘Black Planet Award’. The award was given in recognition of their environmental destruction. 

The Deutsche Bank had to deal with protests, not only outside the hall, but also during the AGM. During the first speech by Anshu Jain, he was interrupted by Blockupy protestors. With slogans such as ‘German weapons, German money murder all over the world’ and ‘A, Anti, anticapitalism’ , ‘in every scandal the german dank is involved’, in this ways showing their distrust and dislike of the Deutsche Bank. Transparency was also called for by the protestors, with the inscription “Deutsche Bank – Profit from land grabs and weapons”. The activists were removed by security personell and the speech continued uninterrupted.

Videos of the protest can be found below: (2014-05-22 Frankfurt: Protestaktion wg. Hauptversammlung Deutsche Bank, Reden 1) (2014-05-22 Frankfurt: Protestaktion wg. Hauptversammlung Deutsche Bank, Reden 2) (2014-05-22 Frankfurt: Protestaktion wg. Hauptversammlung Deutsche Bank, Reden 3) (2014-05-22 Frankfurt: Protestaktion wg. Hauptversammlung Deutsche Bank, Sprechchor)