Heckler & Koch Increases Small Arms Exports to Conflict Regions

25 February 2014: A recent report by the guardian exposes Heckler & Koch’s, one of Germany’s largest arms exporters, murky reputation. Heckler & Koch is one of the most well-known small arms manufacturers in Germany, producing, for example, the popular G36 assault rifle. A followup report by the Deutsche Welle claims that such weapons are increasingly falling into the hands of child soldiers. According to the Guardian, the German government has increased exports of small arms to conflict areas and regions with poor human rights records such as Saudi Arabia. According the 2013  GKKE arms export report and the UN small arms and light weapons export register, Germany exported 66,955 small arms and lightweight weapons in 2012, twice as many as in 2011. Furthermore, the GKKE arms export report identified 67 countries with poor human rights records as recipients of German small and lightweight arms.

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