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Glencore Xstrata: Copper Mine in Zambia Endangers Lives

According to a recent SRF (Swiss Radio and Television) Rundschau report, extremely high sulfur dioxide emissions from Glencore Xstrata’s Mufulira copper mine site are endangering the health and lives of local residents in the Zambian town of Mufulira. Contamination levels between .5 and 5km from the mine measured up to 30X higher than World Health Organization (WHO) accepted levels. The report claims that the mine’s activities have had a negative impact on local communities, causing breathing difficulties, Asthma, and even deaths. When asked about potential compensation for locals who have suffered as a result of the mine’s activities, the chairman of Mopani Copper Mines, Emmannuel Mutati, dismissed claims that negative health effects and deaths are a result of the mine’s excessive sulfur dioxide emissions, citing a lack of medical evidence. He further reiterated that Mopani Copper holds no responsibility for any impacts occurring outside the mine’s licensed area, and that any compensation claims should be pursued through governmental channels. 

Read the article and watch the report here.

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