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Nestlé – Union member killed in Colombia

On Novermber 9  Oscar López Triviño was shot by a paramilitary gang in Bugalagrande. The trade union Sinaltrainal, of which he was a member, got a death threat via SMS one day before. O.L. Triviño worked for Nestlé-Colombia for 25 years.

At the same time four more members of Sinaltrainal were still in hunger strike. They claimed the abidance by the already signed contract and warned explicitly about further diffarmations on Nestlé side of union members.This could be deadly to the strikees because they make they paramilitary targets. With the death of  O.L. Triviño the number of union members killed rises to 15 in 2013.

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Fonds, which are invested in Nestlé according to onvista.

Shareholders according to morningstar.