„Dirty Hand“: Ecuador initiates international campaign against Chevron

On Saturday, Ecuadorian president Correa announced that he plans to start a campaign against Chevron called “Chevron’s dirty hand”. He plans on inviting people from all over the world to stick their hands into Chevron’s former oil and tar sources to show the word that the company did never clean up the sources when leaving the country.  The campaign is part of a dispute between Ecuador and Chevron (former Texaco): After the company, left the country in 1992, indigenous people accused it of environmental damage.  In 2011, an Ecuadorian court ruled that Chevron should pay $19 million in compensation to the affected communities. However, Chevron objected the ruling and claims that Ecuador caused the pollution themselves by using the oil fields after Texaco left. Ecuador now filed a lawsuit in Den Haag, claiming that Chevron violated the agreement on the protection of investments of the United States and Ecuador.

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