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Cluster Munition Monitor 2013 released

The report finds that “record-breaking progress [has been made] as states race to eliminate the scourge of cluster combs”.  The Cluster Munition Monitor reviews policy on joining the Convention on Cluster Munition and the adherence to the bans of the convention.

Another successful development is the growing awareness and importance of investment bans: More and more investors are prohibiting direct and indirect investments in cluster munitions. On 1 September, a ban of direct and indirect investments came into effect in Lichtenstein. The country joined the convention in March 2013. Unfortunately, Germany and other state parties to the convention don’t engage in such a divestment policy. Germany, for example, considers it to be the banks and not the government’s responsibility to decide on investment strategies.


The press release can be found here.

The full report is available here.

Further information on investment bans can be found here; to read more about Lichtenstein divestment, click here.