Dirty Profits EXPOSED

Facing Finance’s newest project brings the Dirty Profits report to life. Dirty Profits Exposed follows three journalists, Ilham Rawoot, Victoria Schneider, and Katrin Kraemer through Africa on their quest to uncover the ongoing, real-life consequences of the mining industry on local populations and the environment.

Africa has become a target of large multinational mining companies for its rich resources and relaxed environmental and governmental regulations. Many companies take this as an invitation to operate with reckless abandon mistreating workers, destroying the environment, and often displacing or severely harming local populations. After mining an area barren, many simply abandon the area – leaving the locals to deal with the mess. These companies do not act independently. The Dirty Profits report describes the investments and financial support behind these organizations; Mining companies receive funding and support from financial institutions and investors for these projects. Many people are unaware that their money goes to supporting such ventures, however scores more simply choose to ignore what is going on.

People living in these communities do not have the luxury of ignoring this situation as they live among daily fears of becoming sick or being forced off their land. With this in mind, a group of intrepid journalists has taken up the cause for facing finance and is endeavoring to record and document the atrocities that are being committed by these companies.

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