Videos Depicting Human Rights Violations in Cateme, Mozambique

This report is part of our former “Harmful Cases” documentation, where we continuously and concisely recorded human rights violations, violations of international law or environmental destruction caused by companies.

Facing Finance’s partner organization, Justica Ambiental, has released three videos depicting human rights violations in the Mozambican village of Cateme. Inhabitants of three villages affected by Vale’s establishment of coalmines in the area were relocated to the village of Cateme. Located approximately 40km away from the nearest market, Cateme is an inadequate substitute for their former villages.

The films (produced by Peter Steudtner) address human rights violations in Cateme such as violations to people’s right to food, adequate housing, and political rights.

The ground around Cateme is largely barren; drinking water is scarce and/or contaminated. After a few years, many houses are on the verge of collapse, showing serious design flaws. In January 2012, police forces arrested and abused demonstrators in a violent attempt to break up a protest lodged against Vale, coalmine operators, and those responsible for the relocation.

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Right to Food

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Right to Adequate Housing

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Political Rights

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