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H&M, Zara, Kik weiter im Visier von Nicht-Regierungsorganisationen


In March 2013, LA Alameda, an Argentinian NGO renewed charges against Zara due to the poor working conditions in their factories. Zara belongs to Inditex, a textile manufacturer based in A Coruna, Spain.

 La Alameda accused multiple Buenos Aires factories of employing workers under slave-like conditions. This Video shows a job seeker who would only earn $10 after working a 14-hour day.

 The Spanish newspaper EL País stated that the managing director of La Alameda filed a lawsuit against three factories in Buenos Aires – two that manufacture clothes for Argentinian brands, and one that manufactures clothes for Zara – for hiring illegal immigrants, mostly Bolivians. The factories reportedly placed rigid controls on employees such as only allowing workers to leave the premises once they had received explicit permission to do so.


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