New software identifies firms which are negatively related to child labour

MUNICH Entwicklungspolitik Online | The NGO Earthlink supports the struggle against child labour with a new browser plugin. It evaluated 227 companies and brands regarding their relation to child labour. Based on this list, Interone developed an “aVOID-Plugin”, which automatically blocks out firms that are negatively associated with child labour.

According to Earthlink, the plugin enables users to identify and report doubtful products. It is available as of now for the browser Google Chrome. Versions for Safari and Firefox, however, are being developed at the moment and will be available soon.

It is estimated that worldwide 123 million children under the age of 15 work under exploitative circumstances, out of which 73 million are younger than 10. According to Earthlink, ‘Especially in the textile industry children in developing and emerging countries often have to work under inhuman circumstances, so that people in the West can buy cheap products.’

When looking for clothes in an online shop, the plugin compares the search results with the company list provided by Earthlink. The plugin, then, blocks out firms and brands which appear regarding unrefuted accusations. Hence, only matches would appear from manufacturers which have not attracted negative attention related to child labour, explained Eartlink. Within the Earthlink campaign ‘Aktiv gegen Kinderarbeit’ (Active against child labour) the company list is being updated and amended constantly. Firms are asked to comment on the accusations but also have the possibility to declare themselves.

The plugin for Google-Chrome users is available for download under or
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