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Santander Bank is investing in the armaments industry

The Santander Bank (owner of BZ WBK, also operates on the Polish market) is the second largest Spanish financial institution in terms of size of investment in the armaments industry. According to BankTrack, the bank’s policy on human rights has little to do with its actual activities.

Spanish NGOs promote a campaign called “Banco Santander without Weapons” designed to expose bad practices of the bank. Representatives of the campaign will take part in the meeting of the General Meeting of shareholders of the bank (acquired its share in order to conduct an effective campaign.)

According to people involved in the action “Banco Santander without weapons”, in the last 10 years the Santander Bank has invested over one billion Euro in sales and production of weapons. What’s more, the bank’s policy “prohibits” subsidizing such investments, which is illegal anyway. Activists also revealed that the bank will finance the environmentally damaging investments in Brazil (San Antonio dam).

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