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Nestlé: Under pressure due to illegal businesses in Zimbabwe

Corruption in Zimbabwe

The Swiss multinational corporation Nestlé has been urged by the Zimbabwean government to draw back from economy sectors which are reserved for local entrepreneurs and shareholders. According to Zimbabwean law, a share of 51 % of companies operating in one of the 14 designated sectors has to be allocated to Zimbabweans only. Among the 14 sectors are primary sectors and food industry branches in particular, in which Nestlé holds large shares. The minister of indigenisation of Zimbabwe, Saviour Kasukuwere, stressed that Nestlé is currently operating outside the law and urged the company to readjust.

Previously, Nestlé’s operations in Zimbabwe have already been in the focus of international media due to entanglement with Zimbabwean dictator Mugabe. In October 2010, Swiss authorities had officially confirmed the lawfulness of a milk deal between Nestlé and the farm of Mugabe’s wife. The support of the oppressive regime, which is politically sanctioned by Switzerland had been undergone by one of Nestlé’s affiliates, which rendered the multinational company illegible for judicial prosecution. Due to international pressure, however, the deal was cancelled later.

The Swiss corporation Nestlé is the largest nutritional company in the world and manages production on more than 80 countries.

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