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Vale Fertilizantes: Refusal to negotiate with worker´s union

Violation of Trade union rights in Brazil

In Brazil, the fertilizer company Vale Fertilizantes is consistently ignoring worker´s demands concerning substantial corporate proposals and remains reluctant to include unions in the preparatory negotiations. Vale´s attitude is called into question by workers and unions. According to Sharan Burrow, General-Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), this is “totally unacceptable“. Negotiations on a new collective agreement have failed since last year.

The International Trade Union Confederation had joined Brazilian organizations to protest against the anti-union attitude of Vale, after the company decided to disregard the worker´s demands last year. Vale had decided to present its own proposals and ignored those of SINDIQUIMIA, the petrochemical industrial trade union in the state of Paraná. Longstanding clauses insuring workers´ health and safety have been omitted. Furthermore, ITUC was told that some workers have suffered from intimidation during the bargaining process, in order to accept the new proposals.

Vale´s practice and its refusal to negotiate have led to a rejection of the new collective agreement by the workers. So far, no new agreement has been found.

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