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Paladin Energy Ltd: Failure to comply with environmental and safety standards

Environmental Damage and Safety Hazards in Malawi

The Malawian civic group KANRJC has filed a request to access environmental information concerning the operations of the Kayelekera Uranium Mine owned by Australian-based Paladin Energy Ltd.  Locals have reported illnesses as a result of the mining operations and insufficient compensation for their forced displacements.

While the extraction of uranium is a dangerous activity that poses risks to the local community’s health, life and livelihood, these risks are increased where mining operations are not strictly regulated, managed and monitored.

The Malawian government offered the company a reduced regime of corporate and rent tax in exchange for a fifteen percent stake in the project. Given the prevalence of unfair mining agreements, it is not surprising that the African region has witnessed a lot of contract renegotiations in the sector, including the Kayelekera contract.

Paladin Energy Ltd is the second largest Australian Uranium extractor mainly operating in Namibia and Malawi. Its headquarters are situated in Perth.

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