Vedanta: Konkola Copper Mine, Zambia

Vedanta’s subsidiary in Zambia, Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), has already been fined for ongoing pollution of the Kafue River in northern Zambia.1 In November 2006, the company discharged effluent into the Kafue River, polluting it with heavy metals. The chemical concentrations were 1,000% higher than acceptable levels for copper, 77,000% higher than those for manganese and 10,000% higher than those for cobalt. The domestic water supply for 75,000 residents in the nearby town of Chingola was contaminated. In November 2010, KCM yet again polluted the Kafue River – a court later found Konkola guilty of wilfully failing to report the accident to authorities and fined the company $2 million. In 2012, Zambian activists and Chingola villagers published a report which detailed the ongoing contamination of their water supply by KCM.

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