Amazon’s Kindle and Echo Dot: serious labour violations in China at Foxxconn factory

Cover of China Labour Watch Report

In 2017 Amazon earned over $3 billion in profit, reaching record highs that exceeded Wall Streets expectations . This information is difficult to correlate with the new report that has been recently released by   ... →

Abuse of migrant workers in Thai Chicken production

The four major companies producing broiler chicken in Thailand have been shown to violate labour rights in the production facilities. The companies Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL, Laemthong Corporation Group, Centaco Group and Saha Farms Group are found to have in   ... →

Neue Vorwürfe gegen Samsung: Kinderarbeit in Zulieferfabrik entdeckt

 The Samsung booth display at CES 2009 | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Ben Franske [GNU Free Documentation Licence] - Wikimedia Commons

Erneut schwere Vorwürfe gegen Samsung: Bei einem Zulieferer des Elektronikherstellers müssen Kinder unter ausbeuterischen Bedingungen arbeiten, bis zu 11 Stunden am Tag, teilweise unbezahlt. Das wirft die US-amerikanische Organisation China Labour Watch dem Elektronikriesen in einem neuen Bericht vor. Die   ... →

Walmart: Slave labour in Shrimp Production

Shrimp was once a luxury food, but today it is available in all supermarkets at a cheap price, but at what cost for the workers and producers? The Guardian UK has undertaken an investigation in Thailand over a six month   ... →