Mobile Phone trends – Is sustainability improving?

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When did you last buy a new smartphone? According to Bitkom, the majority of Germans own a mobile phone that is less than a year old. Instead of repairing them, smartphones are bought again. This creates problems in relation to labour and human rights as well as for the environment as the ever-growing demand for precious metals leads to environmental disturbances in mining regions, the neglect of labour rights for miners, and resource scarcity.   ... →

Apple, Google, Starbucks und Co.: New Reprisk report shows tax evasion

 Der neue Bericht zeigt die Steuervermeidungstricks großer Unternehmen auf. Quelle: Rvanreig, Wikipedia | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Rvanreig [CC BY-SA 4.0] - Wikimedia

The Agency RepRisk has released a study on the tax optimisation of several multinational corporations. Tax optimisation while not considered illegal, has been deemed unethical due to the impacts of not paying taxes in the country in which an organisation operates. The “Special Report on Tax optimisation” by RepRisk now provides insight into companies that operate tax optimisation based on loopholes and with the help of global tax havens.   ... →

Tax-evasion: US-Companies hide $2,1 trillion from tax administration

The NGO´s Citizens for Tax Justice and US PIRG Education Fund have analyzed the tax reports of the 500 biggest US companies, which were filed at the exchange supervisory authority last year. The results of the study are remarkable: $2,1 trillion was hidden from the tax administration. The amount has doubled since 2008. Among the top 30 US corporations shown in the study are known brands like Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Pfizer.   ... →

Allegations against Apple supplier: Catcher Technology

After an undercover investigation, the American NGO China Labor Watch (CLW) and Green America, discovered Chinese IT component supplier Catcher Technology was in violation of Chinese labour standards, increasing the risk to employees. Catcher Technology is located in Jiansu Province.

Catcher supplies parts for the iPhone 6 and also manufacturers components for Apple iPads​​. After CLW found violations in April 2013 Apple was notified of these violations, prompting the company to promise improvement.   ... →

Apple’s Supplier Responsibility Progress Report Shows Improvement, but Leaves Questions

Apples recent publishing of their “Supplier Responsibility 2014 Progress Report” outlined improvements in working conditions at their  supplier factories, but revealed several weaknesses. In total, Apple conducted 451 audits over multiple levels of its supply chain, covering 1.5 million workers. According to the report, the company made the greatest strides in terms of fair treatment of workers, ensuring workers’ freedom of association, and preventing instances of child labor.   ... →

New York Times report: In China, Human Costs are built into an iPad

Apple became one of the richest and most successful companies over the last ten years, not least thanks to globalised assembly methods. However, Apple’s employees often work in harsh conditions, as documents published by Apple itself confirm. According to the New York Times, working conditions are so poor that they even caused deaths.   ... →