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For the past four years, the Dirty Profits report has highlighted companies violating environmental and human rights norms and standards, as well as selected financial institutions which support them. The report has sought to, and continues to, advocate for stronger ethical regulations on the investment decisions made by financial institutions. Each successive report makes the case clearer that despite voluntary guidance investors continue to have financial ties to harmful companies. This report is no different.  The fourteen companies selected for this edition have violated human rights, directly caused environmental devastation, engaged in labour violations such as child labour practices, and have severe governance failures including corruption and embezzlement. All of which are factors that are claimed to be considered in ESG investment criteria.

In compiling this report 12 NGO’s from 8 different countries including Israel, South Africa and Brazil,  have contributed to both company research as well as drafting specific articles related to their expertise on human rights and environment. The financial institutions selected for this report, cover the largest banks in Europe based on the Global Financial Sectors Index 2016 – Deutsche Bank, ING, UBS, HSBC, and BNP Paribas.


Additional Material:

Response of HSBC to the Dirty Profits 5

Response of BNP Paribas to the Dirty Profits 5