Dirty Profits 1-6

Dirty Profits 1-6

Dirty Profits 6: 

The global extractives industry is heavily involved in some of the worst labour, environmental and human rights violations. The rights of communities, farmers and indigenous people are being trampled in the push for ever more extraction. Indeed all businesses must respect and contribute to the society where they operate, and investors too have a critical role to play, particularly in the current mining upturn.   ... →

Tobacco Free Investments: Why banks should end their deadly relationship with Tobacco Companies (2017)

To date, 181 countries have signed and ratified the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. With the aim of limiting the consumption of tobacco and its life-threatening consequences and reducing the number of smokers. The agreement is considered a success because in many countries, at least the countries of the Global North, smoking rates have significantly reduced.   ... →

Publications on Weapons Investments

Publications on Weapons Investments

These publications are only available in German, however please contact us if you require further information.

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Old Publications 2012

2011: German banks involved in the export of tanks to Saudi Arabia

A research paper prepared for Facing Finance, 22nd July 2011.   ... →