Samsung Electronics – Climate Change

 Greenpeace-Aktivisten protestieren gegen den Klimawandel  | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Tim Aubry [CC BY-SA 3.0] -

The latest Greenpeace report published January 2018 exposes Samsung Electronics’ overreliance on fossil fuels. Reports show that Samsung used more than 16,000GW/h of energy in 2016 alone, of which only 1% was sourced from renewables.(( This lags far behind other   ... →

Syndicate of banks, including European banks, signs agreement with Norilsk Nickel for 2,5 Billion over five years.

Extract from Dirty Profits 5 report on Norilsk Nickel. Published February 2017

Norilsk Nickel, as reported in our previous Dirty Profits 5 report , has had serious concerns in relation to environmental pollution and health problems for the local population.   ... →

Presseerklärung: Scheitert der heute beginnende VN-Verbotsprozess zu autonomen Waffensystemen?

 "Group of Governmental Experts"-Meeting im Rahmen des CCW am 13.11.2017 in Genf | Bild (Ausschnitt): © Facing Finance

Deutschland und Frankreich wollen mit einem unverbindlichen Verhaltenskodex „Killer Roboter“ in Schach halten und entfernen sich vom Ziel eines präventiven, völkerrechtlich verbindlichen Verbotsvertrages. Rüstungsindustrie soll helfen und beraten.

(Berlin / Genf, 13.11.2017) – Nach jahrelangem, ergebnislosen Meinungsaustausch über ein Verbot   ... →

Tahoe Resources: Licence Suspended for Escobal Mine, Guatemala, for failure to consult indigenous communities. HSBC and other banks continue to provide funds despite clear violation of international norms and standards by the company.

In February 2017, the Dirty Profits report documented numerous violations by Tahoe Resource Inc at their Escobal mine in Guatemala. Including evidence that since Tahoe Resources acquired the Escobal silver project in southeastern Guatemala in 2010, it has given rise   ... →

Seven companies, including German software multinational SAP, accused of kickbacks and corruption to gain government contracts in South Africa

Recent investigations by the South African investigative journalist group, amaBhungane, have found evidence of multinational companies in South Africa providing illegal payments to secure contracts with the government owned transport and logistics company, Transnet.  The companies that currently stand accused   ... →