Companies deprive Africa of urgently needed financial means

A report by the High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows published in February 2015 revealed that Africa looses up to $ 50 billion a year due to fraudulent schemes among governments and multinational companies. This amount doubles the annual   ... →

Norwegian Pensionfund: Recommendation for exclusion of 6 new companies

 The Council of Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global, one of the largest investors worldwide, has issued recommendations to exclude 6 more companies from the investment portfolio.

Its annual report 2014 and the corresponding website give details on   ... →

Lower Sesan 2 Dam, Cambodia: devastating affects on human and environmental rights

The Lower Sesan 2 Dam is a hydropower project in Cambodia, Stung Treng Province. According to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the dam conducted in 2010, 5 villages will be flooded and 5,000 people resettled. Many of them are   ... →